Kill two camping birds with a single stone thanks to the PowerPot ($150). Using the magic of thermoelectric power generation, the PowerPot uses the heat from your cooking — did we mention it's a camping-style cooking pot? — to run a 5W generator that can power up to 2-3 USB devices at a time. Food + gadgets — what could be better on your next trip into the wilderness? [Scouted by Peter]

  • Strike

    Whether you're planning a trip to the outback or simply want to class up your pyro habit, the Strike ($TBA) has you covered. Designed to replace a traditional matchbook, the Strike holds a number of matches inside, and sports a top dial that twists open to let them out one at a time. Inside, a strike material-coated barrel lets you light the match as you remove it, and should you simply need a striking surface, you'll find one on the textured bottom.

  • Infinity Inflatable Kayaks

    If you love the water but lack the wheels required to haul a boat — or two — back and forth from the nearest water hole, try out one of these Infinity Inflatable Kayaks ($500-$825). Available in one, two, and three man versions, they feature rugged nylon outer shells, welded inflatable bladders, built-in seats, grab handles, paddle parks, an included handpump for inflation and backpack for transport, and terrific maneuverability.

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