Have a need for off-the-grid power? The PowerTrekk ($TBA) can supply it. This 2-in-1 portable battery pack and fuel cell can operate on its own as a simple battery, or can serve as a storage buffer for the fuel cell. Simply insert a fuel pack, add water, and the cell will spring to life, charging devices over USB without ever needing a wall charge. Great for camping, hiking, or getting through an extended power outage due to weather/zombie outbreak.

  • Victorinox Secure SSD

    Billed as "the world's smallest 256GB solid-state drive," the new Victorinox Secure SSD ($TBA) blends technology with one of the world's most recognizable tools. Arriving inside a Swiss Army Knife with scissors, a straight blade, and a nail file/screwdriver, this USB 2.0/eSATA II drive features an external e-Paper display for easy labeling, secure data encryption, a 32-bit processor with hardware error correction, dynamic power management, and an included software suite for things like backups, document synchronization, and a password manager. Also available in 64GB and 128GB varieties for those less starved for storage.

  • Joystick-It

    Not a fan of the virtual controls of your favorite touchscreen games? The Joystick-It ($25) can help. This crazy solid aluminum joystick attaches to the front of your device, plopping down right above the virtual joystick/d-pad to provide that tactile feel that's so maddeningly absent from all these newfangled "touchy" gizmos. Great for all sorts of games, though it's obviously best when paired with a game you actually used to play with a joystick.

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