Our mobile devices are power-hungry — there's a reason battery packs are popular, after all. But for many of us, they're just another thing to charge. Powrtabs are one-time boosts of power for your iPhone or Android that can help you out in a pinch, no preemptive charging required. Each one gives you up to four extra hours of battery life, has a shelf life of five years, and comes in a biodegradable shell, which lets you rest a little easier when you throw it in the bin.

  • Olloclip iPhone 7 Lenses

    The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus carry Apple's most advanced cameras yet. Make them even more powerful with Olloclip iPhone 7 Lenses. They come in three different sets, including the Core, with fisheye, super-wide, and 15x macro lenses, the Active, with ultra-wide and 2x telephoto lenses, and the Macro, with 7x, 14x, and 21x options. All of the multi-element glass makes use of the slip-on mount that keeps the lens flush with the camera, and can be paired with the optional Ollo Case for added protection.

  • GoTenna Mesh

    The original GoTenna was a breakthrough for off-grid smartphone communications. The GoTenna Mesh is even better. As before, it's a portable, weatherproof gadget that pairs seamlessly to smartphones via Bluetooth-LE and uses a specialized app to let you send messages and share your location with other users. This time, however, it's operating on different, more robust frequencies, and using special networking tech to relay your message through other GoTennas, potentially doubling or even tripling its range. The result is the ability to communicate with loved ones at a distance of a mile or more, even in the wilderness, at large events where too many phones clog the towers, or in emergency situations where your cellular network has disappeared altogether.

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