Process: Billykirk

Chris and Kirk Bray of NYC-based Billykirk believe in not only making things in America, but making them right, every time. While putting together each of the three bags found in the Billykirk x Uncrate Stopover Collection, we visited the Bray brothers at their design studio and workshop to get a first-hand look at the collaborative collection being made (by hand, of course), as well as spin a few records and throw a few darts. In a design and manufacturing studio full of sewing, stamping, and clamping machines that could easily be at home in a different era, it's hard not to appreciate the sheer amount of time, detail, and ever-so-hard-to-find craftsmanship that goes in to producing just one Billykirk bag.

Photos: Ray Spears / Uncrate

  • Process: Filson Bags

    When you give a product a lifetime guarantee, you're showing a lot of confidence in how it's built. Such is the case with the Filson Original Briefcase. Added to the company's lineup in 1990 — a relatively new addition, considering they've been in business since 1897 — it's become an everyday essential for countless customers, from laptop-toting creatives to rugged outdoorsmen.

    The process starts with the cutting of its rugged twill fabric body and North American bridle leather details. These materials help the bag hold up to years of use and abuse, as does the sewing, which is done inside out so that the interior receives the same amount of care as the exterior. In all, it takes over 70 steps to complete one of these dependable bags, each one done by hand to ensure quality. If you'd like to see the process for yourself, visit the first floor of the company's new Flagship store, housed in their headquarters at 1741 1st Ave S in Seattle, Washington.

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    Photos: Luke Beard / Uncrate

  • Process: Filson Restoration Department

    While every Filson product is made with outstanding quality and rugged materials, some bags lead a much tougher life than others. That's why each piece is backed by a lifetime guarantee. For those bags that were loved a little too hard but can still be salvaged, they get a new life at the Filson Restoration Department. Located in their Seattle Flagship store, they begin with the deconstruction process, removing every seam and salvaging every piece of leather. But these bags aren't exactly brought back to their former glory. The patches and stitches used to salvage each bag are purposefully made to stand out, keeping intact the story of the bag's previous life while making it functional once again. Once they're reassembled, they're re-waxed and re-conditioned before being resold with the same lifetime warranty as the company's brand-new offerings. As a result, each one is just as unique as the person carrying it, and like their former owners, each has its own stories to tell.

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    Photos: Luke Beard / Uncrate

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