Pure Outdoor Foosball Table

With a curvy form you'd be proud to display in your house and a build that lets it stay outside, the Pure Outdoor Foosball Table is ready to provide entertainment no matter the season. Designed by Alain Gilles for Debuchy by Toulet, it resembles a modern soccer stadium from above, with a competition-quality pitch, stainless steel bars and players, and a wooden surround that either complements or matches the teak or Freijo wooden legs.

  • Makerball DIY Pinball Machine

    If you've ever wanted your very own pinball machine that just happens to be customizable, the Makerball DIY Pinball Machine is for you. It's made mostly of wood and can be assembled in 30-60 minutes. Once it's set up, you can start to play right away with the starter kit that includes a basic obstacle set. But what really helps it stand out is the options to customize your machine. Paint it, make crazy obstacles, decorations, or upgrade it digitally using the instructions on their website. There's even an option to connect the included wire to a microcontroller and install the free Make & Play score app on your smartphone.

  • Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen

    We've come a long way from the remote-controlled cars of our youth. The latest leap comes from the team at Sphero in the form of Ultimate Lightning McQueen. It's not hyperbole when we say that this Cars franchise star is a toy unlike any you've seen before. Sure, it has the ability to drive, drift, play games, and train for races while being controlled from your iPhone. But what really sets it apart is how it moves and reacts just like a cartoon (or maybe it's the deeply disturbing Homunculus Theory). The car has animated eyes, an animatronic mouth, and a complicated suspension that help make this the closest thing to what you see on-screen during the animated feature. McQueen will even physically respond to a tap on his roof, hood, both side doors, and his rear window. And fire up "Watch With Me" mode after you're done racing to watch him react to the movie as you watch it in real time.

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