Qz.com does a great job of presenting the most important news of the day. The Quartz app might be even better. Instead of making you scroll through a list of headlines, it tells you what's going on in a conversational way, letting you interact with its well-informed robots like you would a buddy, and uses your responses to guide the action. For Apple Watch aficionados, it has a complication that shows you the current state of the market via emoji, and quizzes and haikus to enjoy when you're finished digesting current events.

  • Slide

    William Wilkinson & Deepak Mantena did a great job developing Manual, one of our favorite photo apps for the iPhone. With Slide, they've done so again. Unlike any photo app we've seen, it lets you take "3D" photos using nothing but the built in camera. Using it is dead simple: just compose your shot, move your device smoothly across your body, and tap the subject to watch it appear in 3D. The resulting GIF loops continuously and is ready to share on nearly any platform.

  • Wild Weather

    Mixing accurate forecast information with hand-drawn illustrations, Wild Weather is a delightful way to keep tabs on the conditions outside. It uses Forecast.io to provide accurate local weather, with a 3-day forecast available with a simple swipe up, along with precipitation, wind speed and direction info. The rest of the time the screen is taken up by animated landscapes depicting the current conditions, with a brief description and the current temp at the top. Even when it's nasty out, it'll have you wanting to check the weather.

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