Quitbit Lighter

We've got scores of electronic gadgets and apps to help us keep track of our fitness — but there's few things you can do as beneficial to your health as quitting smoking. So where's the app for that? The Quitbit Lighter has your answer. This rechargeable lighter uses a heating element to light up your smoke, keeping track of every time you do, and displaying that information on the built-in display and in the companion app that syncs over Bluetooth and can let you see when you smoke, how much you smoke, and lets you view trends over time. It might be the smartest purchase you make all year.

  • Comador Cigars

    It's hardly a secret that Jay Z is more than just a multi-platinum hip-hop icon — he's a business, man — and he's just added one more venture to his already-impressive portfolio. Comador Cigars ($350-$1,000), made in a partnership between Hove and Cohiba Red Dot, feature a signature blend of Carribean and Central American tobacco leaves that are aged for six months in a cedar room and wrapped in a Connecticut broadleaf binder. Currently available in three editions, you can have yours in either a mahogany humidor that houses 21 cigars, a smaller humidor meant for taking on the road, or a Robusto box (both come with seven).

  • Samuel Adams Utopias Cigar

    Chances are, if you consider yourself a beer-lover, you've heard of Samuel Adams Utopias — if not, we'll give you a minute to catch up. This beer — meant to be served at room temperature and rated at about 28 percent alcohol by volume — is not for the faint of heart. And if you're lucky enough to get your hands on one of these coveted, limited bottles, there's no better complement to it than a Samuel Adams Utopias Cigar ($34). Seasoned in Utopias beer, these cigars draw rich nutty and fruit notes from the beer that combine nicely with the smooth, spicy taste of the tobacco. They're only available this November and December, so grab yours while they last.

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