Ramos Alarm Clock

We've already seen several clever alarms that attempt to lure you out of bed, but few look as good as the Ramos Alarm Clock ($150-$350). Available in plan LED or gorgeous Nixie versions, it requires you to get up out of bed and enter a code into a Defuse Panel to make its alarm stop, at which point you'll likely be intellectually stimulated and far enough away from your bed that the dreaded snoozitis won't be able to set in.

  • Liquipel

    We'll go ahead and let you try it first, but the folks behind Liquipel ($59) claim their clear coating "protects every feature of your device with a revolutionary waterproof shield." The Liquipel permanently bonds on the molecular level to your device, both inside and out, and is said to keep your phone working even if you drop it in water (creek, bath tub, Kool-Aid, etc.). Certain iPhone, HTC, Samsung, and Motorola devices can take the Liquipel treatment and their subsequent plunges now.

  • Minty Geek

    So let's say that you actually do like to tinker with electronics — if you're looking for a place to start, Minty Geek ($40) is as good as any. Taking its inspiration from the venerable Altoids tin, this pint-sized electronics lab includes a tray insert, linking wires, a 9V battery connector, a light-dependent resistor, a variable resistor, a breadboard, a capacitor, a relay, a switch, a speaker, and various transistors, resistors, and LEDs. Also offered is the Astronomer's Torch Kit ($30), shown above.

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