Red Oak Grilling Planks

Red Oak Grilling Planks

It seems like everyone and their brother is cooking salmon on cedar planks these days, so why not try something similar with your burgers? These Red Oak Grilling Planks ($16-$24) come in packs of either four or eight planks, are scrubbable for use up to two times, and impart a savory smokey flavor to your already-scrumptious patties. Just don't get them too hot — word on the street is wooden planks are, you know, rather flammable.

  • Bodum Fyrkat Cone Charcoal Grill

    We've seen grills in many different shapes and sizes, but never one that looked like a giant metal waffle cone. The Bodum Fyrkat Cone Charcoal Grill (€140; roughly $200) is exactly that. Its conical shape allows for a variety of different grilling options, from a round grilling surface, to an oblong surface, to the included, motorized rotating spit. Just don't try to actually grill ice cream on it — that would get really messy, really fast.

  • Stok Quatrro Grill

    Sure, you can buy a grill with a griddle, burner, and other stuff on the side, or you can buy a Stok Quatrro Grill ($350). This unique new design features a grate with two insert areas that let you transition from a standard grate to a griddle, vegetable tray, or pizza stone, keeping your side areas clear for plates, food, and other items. Other features include side shelf towel bars, internal spice racks, stainless steel and porcelain construction, a built-in temperature gauge, and an electric ignition, keeping that Aim n' Flame available for more... important purposes. [Thanks, Joel]

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