RedScale Film

RedScale Film

Finally, an easy way to do red scale shooting on an analog camera. Lomography's new RedScale Film ($15/3-pack) takes the guesswork out of this old photographic technique — where shooters would load their film backwards to shoot through the semi-transparent protective layer on the back of 35mm color negative film — by spooling the film in reverse. The result? Pictures with a smooth, funky, and gorgeous red-orange cast, which can be processed at the local drug store. Film camera, you've got some life left in you yet. [via]

  • Tikitag

    Imagine making everything in your real world environment link to something in your online life. That's sort of the idea behind Tikitag ($TBA). It uses Near Field Communications (NFC) to connect real-life objects with online information. A teddy bear might link to a picture of its owner, or a business card might take you to that person's Facebook profile. The possibilities are nearly endless — all you need is a Tikitag reader, and, as of right now, an invitation to the alpha launch. Expect Tikitag to appear in your real world soon.

  • LG Portable DVD Player & Digital Photo Frame

    In a world with a myriad of digital picture frame options, it's nice to see some added features. The LG Portable DVD Player & Digital Photo Frame ($200) goes beyond the standard frame with a built-in DVD player and an 8-inch screen, accompanied by more standard features like USB connectivity, a SD card slot, and built-in stand. For bonus points, leave The Big Lebowski running on an endless loop.

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