Ridiculous Fishing

Indeed, the premise behind Ridiculous Fishing ($3) is ridiculous — but you'll feel anything but while playing it. The game involves dropping a hook, catching as many fish on said hook as you can, reeling them back up, and then blasting the living hell out of as many as you can using your gun. Also: no greedy calls for you to buy extra stuff after you've already bought it — buy it once, play it forever — and fish that become hats. It's only three bucks, so go download it already. [via]

  • T3 Music Player

    Ever feel like your iPhone needs a little more Dieter Rams in its life? Give it some with the T3 Music Player ($1). Inspired by Rams' iconic Braun radio of the same name, it sports a clean white interface with a circle in the middle for controlling playback (sounds familiar)? Not content to simply ape the T3, the music browsing interface takes after Rams' 606 shelving, and lets you sort your playlists alphabetically or by rank.

  • Haze

    Just because an app sports a clean interface doesn't mean it can't offer a lot of depth. Haze ($1) is a deceptively simple, gesture-driven weather app that uses colors and animation to give you an at-a-glance look at the weather. While it's easy to see the current temperature and warming/cooling trends, a few swipes can reveal a wealth of information, including a five-day forecast, sunrise and sunset times, cloud coverage, high and low temperatures for the day, windchill, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation chances and amounts, humidity levels, and even atmospheric pressure. All from an app that only displays a single number at startup — not too shabby. [Scouted by Freddy]

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