Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey

It's one of the newest trends in the distilling industry, craft beer brewers are beginning to distill spirits like whiskey in addition to brewing the beers that put them on the map. Rogue Brewing isn't following a trend, instead they helped start it with their award winning Dead Guy Whiskey. Made using the same three malts that are used in the legendary Dead Guy Ale, Dead Guy Whiskey is distilled twice through copper pot stills and then aged in American oak barrels for three months before bottling.

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  • Crown Royal XO Whiskey

    If you're a bourbon drinker there is a chance you think Canadian Whiskey is a lesser spirit. If that's true, the latest offering from Crown Royal might change your mind. XO is a premium offering from Crown, and is a unique blend of more than 50 of the best from the CR family. It's finished in cognac casks from the French Limousin Forest, adding some complex sweetness. If you normally overlook Canadian whiskey, don't pass up this excellent blend.

  • Westward Oregon Malt Whiskey

    We tend to place younger whiskies a step or two behind their more mature brethren. This is, of course, because some of the qualities that are evident in those drinks are due to the extra time mingling with the oak. Westward Oregon Malt Whiskey however, is an exception to this rule. What it lacks in age, it makes up for in complexity and flavor. It's made from 100% malted barley grown in the Pacific Northwest and is double pot distilled, which gives this unique drink many of the smooth characteristics you'd expect from an Irish whiskey. Proof that even a two year old whiskey can exceed expectations.

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