Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die

We're not sure whether it's named after the song — which also features Snoop Dogg Lion and Kris Kristofferson — or whether the song's named after the book, but either way we're reading Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die: Musings from the Road ($15). Penned by Willie Nelson himself, this sub-200-page tome is filled with anecdotes and wisdom acquired over his decades on the road, and covers everything from music and poker to pot and karma, all with Willie's trademark soft humor.

  • The James Bond Archives

    Given that it's Bond's 50th anniversary and Skyfall opens next week, odds are you're going to see a lot of Bond-related stuff pop up over the coming days — but nothing as comprehensive as this. Weighing in at 600 pages, The James Bond Archives ($200) is the result of two years of research in the EON Productions archives. Inside, you'll find 1,100 images, including previously unpublished stills, on-set photos, memos, storyboards, designs, posters, and more, all accompanied by oral history from over 150 cast and crew members who worked on everything from Dr. No to the latest 007 adventure.

  • The Art of Fixing Things

    Despite the stereotypes, most guys aren't really that handy. Which is why we need helpers like The Art of Fixing Things. This slim paperback provides you with 150 tips and tricks for doing repairs — it's information that most of us are smart enough to know but never got experience doing. Helping you along are over 175 photo illustrations, so all you need to provide are the problem, the tools, and the brawn.

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