Root Beer Brewing Kit

Root Beer Brewing Kit

Prefer your home brews to be a little less alcoholic and a little more kid-friendly? This Root Beer Brewing Kit ($27) can get you on your way. It includes two packets of flavor crystals, one bottle of root beer mix, a packet of no-rinse cleanser, one packet of yeast, four plastic one-liter bottles, four bottle caps and gaskets, four labels — although we recommend making your own — one funnel, and one instruction guide. Vanilla ice cream for homemade floats is optional.

  • Original Coca-Cola Hutchinson Bottle

    Unless you're a design geek or a Coca-Cola fanatic, odds are you don't realize that the fizzy stuff's iconic contoured bottle wasn't released until 1916, over twenty years after it first appeared in bottles. The Original Coca-Cola Hutchinson Bottle (£2, roughly $3) celebrates the drink's 125th anniversary by bringing it to you in its original bottle, complete with a special anniversary box. Drink up, or don't — it's up to you whether you want to be "that guy" with ancient bottles of unopened soda laying around. [Thanks, Eric]

  • Climber Pouch Wines

    There's a reason why flasks are the most popular alcohol transportation system for outdoorsy-types: bottles and cans simply aren't much fun to carry. Pouches, on the other hand, aren't too bad. Which is why we're digging Climber Pouch Wines ($17). Available in surprisingly tasty Cabernet or Chardonnay varieties, these affordable wines arrive in imminently portable 1.5L resealable pouches with an integrated spigot that ensures you won't be needlessly providing nearby ants with an alcoholic water park.

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