Rubber Band Machine Gun

No matter where you wage rubber band warfare — whether it's in your apartment with your buddies, or against co-workers in the office — you can take your game to a whole new level with the Rubber Band Machine Gun ($100). This all-wooden, fully-automatic rubber band gun functions very much like a gatling gun, with sixteen barrels able to hold multiple bands each. An electric motor rotates the barrels around a central axis with each trigger pull, letting you fire as many as 672 bands without reloading. And while reloading would normally make playing a complete pain, an included loader makes it take only minutes.

  • Attacknids

    Ever since we first watched Robot Wars, we've wished for a fighting 'bot of our own. Our wish has been granted with Attacknids ($70-$80). These roughly one foot-tall robots feature six legs that can move through water and mud up to three inches deep, 360-degree rotating heads, and weapons that fly up to 30 feet. You control all the action via a 2.4GHz wireless remote with a range of up to 200 feet — and don't worry about not being able to tell who won the battle. A direct will cause your armor to explode off your body; three hits and your 'bot shuts down, saving itself for the next fight. Sure, they look a little creepy, but they are based on spiders, after all.

  • Teckell Intervallo Foosball Table

    Just because you have a tiny apartment, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice fun in your down time. With the Teckell Intervallo Foosball Table ($5,900) you get a fully-functioning foosball table — albeit a good bit smaller than your average one — that takes up no more space than a coffee or end table. Built with just three wood players on each side, this table features crystal glass construction surrounded with a wood frame. The glass top is removable, letting you access the game inside, as well as functioning as a serving tray.

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