Rumpl Puffe Heated Blanket

Having a heated blanket on hand during a camping trip is a secret weapon that everyone should consider. But in the past 50 years, not much has changed with heated blankets, until now. With Power Practical's battery developments, Ravean's heating technology innovations, and Rumpl's technical blanket designs combined their tech savvy to create the Rumpl Puffe Heated Blanket. It combines comfort, convenience, and technology to form the world's most advanced heated blanket. Choose from sustainably sourced Natural Down fill or Synthetic fill, both of which keep the Rumpl Puffe lightweight and easy to pack. It's also water resistant, warms up instantly to the temperature of your choice, and is a power source that can charge your devices after a full day of adventure. It can also be used as a lantern or flashlight with three different lighting modes. Available in black with two trims options, Moss Green and Charcoal Grey.

Presented by Rumpl.

  • Mastercraft XT20 Powerboat

    You don't need an enormous craft to have fun on the water. The Mastercraft XT20 Powerboat is proof. Measuring a garage-friendly 20 feet in length, it's powered by your choice of three GM-sourced Ilmor V8 engines, which give it plenty of power, while the DockStar Handling System makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. A spacious wraparound lounge and open pickle fork bow give it plenty of seating, 1,700 pounds of optional in-floor ballast let it adapt to a variety of tasks, and the Murphy touchscreen lets you control every aspect of the boat from the comfort of the captain's chair.

  • Solo Stove Bonfire

    With sleek looks and a nearly smokeless design, the Solo Stove Bonfire is an ideal way to heat up on chilly nights. The double-walled design has holes in the bottom to let oxygen feed the fire from below, while warmer oxygen is channeled up through the walls and into the fire through holes at the top, causing secondary combustion that results in very little smoke and a more complete burn. It's made from high-grade 304 stainless steel that undergoes a multi-step finishing and polishing process, so it's both durable and stylish, and at roughly 20 inches across and 14 inches tall, it's highly portable yet big enough to warm your whole party.

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