Ryobi Tek4 Infrared Thermometer

Ryobi Tek4 Infrared Thermometer

Keep track of the temperature all over your next worksite with the Ryobi Tek4 Infrared Thermometer ($70). The pro-grade tool is both impact and water resistant, and features a laser line to help indicate the measurement spot, a memory function to hold up to ten readings at a time, and is good for over 4,000 per single charge of its Tek4 4V Lithium-Ion battery.

  • OnGuard Beast Padlock

    Keep your tools, storage unit, or bacon-filled basement securely locked up using the OnGuard Beast Padlock ($25). It features a pick, pull, and drill resistant M-key Cylinder with BumpBlok, a X2 Dual Lock Down Deadbolt locking mechanism, a reinforced sleeve over the crossbar and cylinder, and five included keys, one of which sports an LED light to prevent nighttime padlock mishaps.

  • Little Giant BigTrex Ladder

    It's always irritating when you're trying to get a job done several feet up in the air only to battle baby-sized rungs. The Little Giant BigTrex Ladder ($170) solves this problem, and several others, with innovative features like extra-wide, 6.5-inch deep rungs, an integrated no-pinch handle that lets you open and close the ladder with just one hand, an included tool tray with a magnetic cubby for screws, nuts, and bolts and an integrated tool slot, and a weight of just 22 lbs. The downside? You now have even fewer excuses to replace that burnt-out, far-off light bulb.

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