Safari Tent

Just because you're sleeping outdoors doesn't mean you have to live like some kind of wild animal — step up your campground game and become king of the wilderness in this gigantic Safari Tent ($2,000). At ten feet by twelve feet, this tent is so big you may never miss the comforts of home. You'll have plenty of space for your inflatable mattress, all the gear you could ever need, and even a few (or eight) of your closest friends. With a nylon cordura outer skin and an aluminum inner frame, it can handle nearly anything mother nature throws at it, while the massive interior space will let you stand up while you wait out the storm.

  • Snow Joe Ion Cordless Snow Blower

    When the white death approaches, defy your strongest urges to hole up with a warm blanket, slippers, and a space heater and dig your way out into the world with the Snow Joe Ion Cordless Snow Blower ($400). It features a heavy-duty 2-blade rubber auger that's capable of clearing an 18-inch-wide path through snow up to ten inches deep. It's also cord and gas free, so you can run it for as long as 40 minutes on a single charge, without ever having to worry about priming, tune-ups, extension cords, or noisy two-stroke motors. So while everyone else is griping about what a pain winter weather is, you'll be out enjoying the simple beauty of a freshly-fallen snow.

  • Grandpa's FireFork

    We've all been there at least once. You're on a camping trip, or hanging out around a fire in a friend's backyard, and you want to cook something over those hot coals — whether it's a marshmallow, a hotdog, or a squirrel. In order to get it done you have to either already have a skewer on hand, or you need to find the perfect stick and whittle it down to a proper point. But with Grandpa's FireFork ($7), you can leave all that hassle in the past. This single piece of sharpened stainless steel wire securely fastens to nearly any stick, instantly making it the perfect cooking tool. Its convenient carrying case prevents poked fingers, comes in a range of colors, and features a hole at the top that's perfect for attaching a lanyard.

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