Saffron Drift Light

It's rather counterintuitive that a light bulb would be designed around helping you sleep better, but that's the case with the Saffron Drift Light. Powered by high-efficiency LEDs, the Drift puts out warmer light than most bulbs — which is good for melatonin production — and mimics the natural sunset by slowly dimming over 37 minutes, providing a smooth transition to sleep. Need a little bit of light on? Not to worry, as it also has a Moonlight Mode that will keep you from taking up outlets with night lights.

  • Schoolhouse Radar Sconce

    Add a splash of color and a healthy dose of light to your living or working space with the Schoolhouse Radar Sconce ($160). Available in hardwired or corded varieties, it features a 1970s stamped electrical box as the main mount, a light inspired by one used on an industrial parts washer that's mounted on a flexible arm, a simple side-mounted on/off toggle switch, and your choice of colored shade — it comes in marigold, gloss black, aqua, gray, persimmon, and gloss white.

  • Kaiser Idell Luxus Lamp

    True to the ideas driving the design philosophy of the Bauhaus, the Kaiser Idell Luxus Lamp ($815) shows us that a simple device, in this case a desk-top lamp, doesn't need to look like a boring appliance. With its characteristic dome top, curving details, and glossy black embellishments, this recently-reintroduced design is a credit to the original. With chrome-plated steel and brass construction, as well as patented swivel joints that adjust the angle of the light, this lamp is more a work of modern art, than a simple device for illuminating whatever it is you're working on.

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