Samuel Adams Fat Jack

Fall is nearly upon us, which means football, cooler weather, and pumpkins. Lots of pumpkins. Samuel Adams Fat Jack ($7) celebrates this seasonal squash by cramming 28 pounds of the stuff into each barrel, along with traditional pumpkin pie spices that give this double pumpkin ale a rich, smooth flavor (and an 8.50% ABV) that'll go over great at your next autumn feast.

  • Death Wish Coffee

    While it's not as dangerous as the name might seem, Death Wish Coffee ($20) is serious stuff. Two times as powerful as your typical coffe shop cup, it's made from beans with an especially strong amount of caffeine, roasted to a medium-dark level for a strong flavor, and then ground to a specific level for maximum potency.

  • Spodee

    It's true that moonshine isn't the first thing we'd think of mixing with wine, but one taste of Spodee ($9) and you'll be a believer. Based upon the Depression Era drink of the same name, this 36 proof drink contains a delightful mixture of wine, herbs, spices, fruits, and 'shine, all packaged in an appropriately down-market milk bottle container. Drink it straight, or mix it with cola or OJ for a full-on cocktail.

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