Sauna Box

Set yourself up with a steam room pretty much anywhere you want with the Sauna Box ($41,000). Built into a shipping container, this semi-portable sauna is designed to be completely self-sufficient, with solar panels providing the power and a wood-burning stove. Features include a red cedar interior, integrated iPod stereo, electric guitar hookup, Castor stool, a magnetic truck light, and bronze antlers. [Scouted by Aaron]

  • The North Face Patrol Avalanche Airbag Pack

    It may seem expensive, but if it keeps you afloat in an avalanche, it'll seem like a bargain. The North Face Patrol Avalanche Airbag Pack ($1,200) is a fully serviceable backpack, with internal pockets in the main compartment for organization, a ski or snowboard carry system, and a large tool pocket. The real highlight, however, is the integrated ABS airbag system that, with a pull of the handle on the left shoulder strap, uses compressed nitrogen to inflate two large airbags that will help keep you on the surface and make it easier for rescuers to find you. With a 95% success rate in real-world use, it might just be a life saver.

  • Ti2 Sentinel

    Have some stuff you need kept safe — and we mean really, really safe? Place it inside a Ti2 Sentinel ($25-$200). Available in small, medium, and large versions with differing interior diameters, these titanium tubes are completely waterproof and corrosion resistant, can easily be hooked to rings, clips, or lanyards, and offer a three-piece design to ensure you can get everything out of them when the time comes. Great for caching survival tools, cash, and medicine, and also serve as stylish pen, key, or flash drive storage.

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