Schoolhouse Radar Sconce

Add a splash of color and a healthy dose of light to your living or working space with the Schoolhouse Radar Sconce ($160). Available in hardwired or corded varieties, it features a 1970s stamped electrical box as the main mount, a light inspired by one used on an industrial parts washer that's mounted on a flexible arm, a simple side-mounted on/off toggle switch, and your choice of colored shade — it comes in marigold, gloss black, aqua, gray, persimmon, and gloss white.

  • NanoLeaf LED Light Bulb

    While it may look like a mad science experiment, or some weird art piece gone wrong, the NanoLeaf LED Light Bulb ($35) represents a huge leap forward in lightbulb technology. This bulb replaces the average incandescent bulb in your home, using much less energy thanks to its LED light source — it's so efficient, in fact, that it will pay for itself in energy savings over its lifetime. The bulb also maintains a comparatively low temperature, making it safe to touch even after extended use. Unlike fluorescent bulbs, it contains no mercury, and unlike most other bulbs, it casts light in all directions, due to its unique shape and LED placement.

  • Philips Friends of Hue

    By now you've probably heard of Hue (iOS app-connected LED lightbulbs that alternate colors and screw into normal light sockets) — with Philips Friends of Hue ($80-$90) you can extend your existing home light show, making something truly incredible. The collection consists of two products: LightStrips and the LivingColors Bloom. LightStrips are six-and-a-half-foot long bands of flexible LED lights that can connect to any surface: underneath your couch, along a hallway, or behind a speaker. LivingColors Blooms are standalone bulbs that cast LED light onto your walls. Both let you tailor your light scheme to your mood, sync up to the music you're playing, and more. Requires the Philips Hue starter pack ($200) to work.

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