Scout Field Bed

Sleeping bags don't have to be shiny nylon cocoons. The Scout Field Bed ($500) give you a stylish outdoor slumbering option. It's crafted in the USA from Italian organic selvage denim, and features a Japanese chambray interior, Climashield APEX insulation to keep you warm in temperatures down to 20ºF, antique brass zippers, Horween Chromexcel horsehide pulls, and a leather tie-down strap. Just try to keep it out of the mud.

  • Poler Napsack

    Part hoodie, part sleeping bag, all warm. The Poler Napsack ($130) is a hybrid of... something, we're sure, with a built-in hood, zippers at the shoulders for sticking your arms out, a cinch at the bottom for sticking your legs out, hiking it up to your waist, or making sure your feet don't stick out, a chest pocket, hand pockets, a soft microfiber lining, and leather cinch tabs for the hood. Just think of it as a slightly more dignified and rugged Snuggie.

  • Generac Propane Generator

    Sometimes you need power, but simply can't reach a power jack — like when you're camping, or working on a project far enough from your house that an extension cord simple isn't an option. For times like those, bring along a Generac Propane Generator ($610). This two-wheeled generator burns fuel from a standard 20 or 30 pound liquid propane tank, providing you with 3,250 watts of power wherever you need it without the nasty emissions of traditional gas-powered models.

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