SEAL Team Six

SEAL Team Six

They may have gained notoriety by capping Bin Laden, but SEAL Team Six ($15) was running black ops-style missions long before they became front page news. Written by former Team Six sniper Howard S. Wasdin, this 350-page memoir follows his journey through the ranks of the Navy to the SEALs, with intricate — and riveting — descriptions of life as one of the world's most feared assassins around every page.

  • The Geek Dad's Guide to Weekend Fun

    Whether you're looking for family-friendly tech projects to pass the time or are simply lonely, bored, and in need of something to do, The Geek Dad's Guide to Weekend Fun ($11) should be able to help. The second book — you can find the first one here — from Ken Denmead, Wired's resident Geek Dad, this 200+ page tome offers suggestions and instructions for plenty of geeky projects, including building homemade robots and making stop-motion movies. God forbid you'd have to do something else, like watch your kid play a sport.

  • Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon

    Whether you're a Kubrick nut or just a fan of film in general, you'll likely find Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon ($40) to be a fascinating read. Based on the 2009 limited edition, this exhaustive look at Kubrick's never-made gem clocks in at over 1,100 pages, and includes correspondence related to the film, location scouting photos, research material both in print and online — the result of Kubrick's two years of research — and a complete copy of the final draft. Happy reading.

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