Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee

Have a fantastic drink of coffee, no brewing required with Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee ($20-$30). Brewed over 18-24 hour periods using nothing but filtered water and ground beans, this coffee concentrate can be mixed with hot or cold water or milk — whatever you like — and produces a smooth, rich coffee flavor. Available in two- or three-bottle packs; each bottle makes between 4-7 drinks, depending on the size and strength.

  • Bowtruss Coffee

    Expand your coffee horizons beyond the standard Starbucks brew and try out a cup of Bowtruss Coffee ($11-$28). Their lineup of coffees includes everything from a standard Colombian to the chocolatey Ethiopia yirgacheffe — our personal favorite — with a little bit of everything in between. Should your current coffee pot not be up to the task of rendering these fine flavors, Bowtruss also offers a line of Japan-sourced Hario brewing solutions that will maximize the potential in pretty much any coffee you choose.

  • Samuel Adams Octoberfest Milkshake

    We've had plenty of beer-based concoctions before, but a milkshake? The Samuel Adams Octoberfest Milkshake ($TBA) is here to make us believers. Available through November 11 at Red Robin, this unique drink is a blend of soft serve ice cream, Samuel Adams Octoberfest draft, vanilla, and caramel, and pairs well with the chain's warm pretzel bites and Pub Crawl Tavern Burger, which boasts beer cheese spread, beer mustard-onions, and bacon.

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