Used to be that if you wanted to share a song or playlist with someone, you made them a mixtape. Sharetapes ($7/5-pack) aim to recreate that experience in the 21st century. Simply create a playlist on Spotify, YouTube, 8tracks, or other online media source, add it to a tape by clicking record on Sharetapes' website, then give the tape to whoever you like. All they need to do is tap the card on their NFC-enabled device, scan the QR code, or hit play on to enjoy your playlist.

  • Almond+ Touchscreen WiFi Router

    Having used Apple's AirPort routers exclusively since they arrived on the scene over a decade ago, it'll take a serious contender for us to replace the white boxes next to our modems. The Almond+ Touchscreen WiFi Router ($100) might just be it. Forget the fact that it offers dual-band 802.11ac + 802.11n Wi-Fi for blazing fast speeds — something no Apple router can currently claim. It also features built-in support for the ZigBee and Z-Wave home automation standards, removing the need for a separate hub, and thanks to the built-in touchscreen, you don't need a separate controller, either. Don't feel like getting up to interact with your lights, outlets, and other sensors? An app for both iPhone and Android is planned to let you control the action right from your phone or tablet. Your move, Apple.

  • Soloshot

    If you want footage of yourself doing... pretty much any athletic endeavor, you could hire a filming crew, or you could pick up a Soloshot ($480). This unique gadget works as a base for any camera or camcorder with a tripod mount, following your movements wirelessly thanks to a small waterproof transmitter that you wear as an armband. It can rotate at speeds of up to 40º per second all the way around, and can track subjects up to 2000 feet away moving at speeds up to 140 mph. But most importantly, it won't laugh at you if you totally wipeout while it's filming.

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