Sheep Dip Scotch

Sheep Dip Scotch

Distilled, matured, and bottled in Scotland, Sheep Dip Scotch ($40) is more than just an odd name. This 8-year-old malt whisky features a smooth, rich flavor, and an amazingly angry sheep on the label. Says Uncrate reader Adam, "I'm no expert, but it's a bit smoother for me than the Yamazaki, more on par with JW black, but even has a bit of a milder taste than the JW." [Thanks, Adam]

  • The Last Drop Whisky

    Whether you're contemplating your last meal or simply looking for a truly exciting new whisky, The Last Drop Whisky ($2,000/bottle) should be on your list. Created by three liquor industry legends, the Last Drop is made from a variety whiskies, the youngest of which was distilled in 1960. Once all had hit the age of 12 years, they were blended and put into new sherry casks, inside which they spent the last 36 years, becoming more interesting and flavorful as the years went by. With only 1347 bottles available, you'd better make your move now to pick up this bottled history.

  • Canadian Club 30 Year Old

    If it's good enough for Don Draper, it's good enough for us. To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Canadian Club has rolled out the limited edition Canadian Club 30 Year Old ($200). This velvety smooth whiskey has tons of character, and comes in a collector’s bottle with gold etching and a wax seal enclosed in a handsome black satin-lined box. Only 3,000 bottles are available.

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