Skil Screwdriver Flashlight

Obviously realizing that the name "Screwlight" might attract the wrong sort of customer, Skil decided to give its latest tool/gadget a more innocuous moniker. The Skil Screwdriver Flashlight ($35) is what it says it is — a cordless, 4-volt powered screwdriver and a LED flashlight — all packed into one package along with a rechargeable battery. That's one less thing to clutter up your junk/"oh crap, the power's out" drawer.

  • Thor Ice Scraper

    What better name for a burly ice scraper than that of a Nordic god-turned-comic hero? The Thor Ice Scraper ($20) drops the hammer on ice and snow with a double-blade design so you can scrape with forward and backward motions, a front handle for added force, a telescoping arm so you can reach all the way across your vehicle with ease, and a front plow for blasting away snow. [Scouted by Bruce]

  • Porter Cable Infrared Thermometer

    Think your old windows might be leaking out your money in the form of heat? Worried that there are small creatures living in your walls? The Porter Cable Infrared Thermometer ($50) can help you find out. Measuring temperatures from -22º to 590º F, all you need to do is point it at the area you want to check — a built-in LED will shine on the wall, glowing blue for cold areas and red for warmer spots. As for what you do when you discover a gateway to the underworld inside your home? That's up to you.

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