Sneakers: The Complete Limited Editions Guide

For the serious collector, a pair of shoes is only as good as the jealousy it inspires among your friends and colleagues — and with Sneakers: The Complete Limited Editions Guide you get a definitive guide to every envy-inspiring pair of kicks available. Whether it's covering limited edition sneakers from the brands themselves or collaborations between shoe companies and individual designers, this book details over 300 examples of the best exclusive shoes. With beautiful photography, insider information, and an in-depth look into what makes these shoes special, this book is the guide to some of the most coveted footwear to date.

  • Abraham Lincoln in the Kitchen

    You already know him as a self-educated lawyer, a president, an emancipator, and a vampire hunter — but you probably didn't know a thing about Lincoln's culinary prowess. Abraham Lincoln in the Kitchen: A Culinary View of Lincoln's Life and Times weaves a cookbook and a biography into one, telling the story of his life while providing recipes that would have made him proud. Divided into chapters based on important moments in his life, each biographical section is accompanied by thematically-related recipes. You'll find everything from strawberry ice cream and pineapple preserves, to barbecued pigs feet and roast turkey — all while gaining insight into this great man's behind-the-scenes life.

  • The Canadian Whisky Portable Expert

    It might not get as much attention as its cousins Bourbon and Scotch, but Canadian whisky is actually every bit as worthy of your time. Start your education on the subject with Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert. Penned by sommelier and whisky expert Davin de Kergommeaux, this surprisingly deep book takes you from shore to shore, exploring not only the current whisky industry in Canada, but its history as well, including the culture that's formed around it and the reason it tastes like it does. A must read for any self-respecting whisky lover.

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