Snow Joe Ion Cordless Snow Blower

When the white death approaches, defy your strongest urges to hole up with a warm blanket, slippers, and a space heater and dig your way out into the world with the Snow Joe Ion Cordless Snow Blower ($400). It features a heavy-duty 2-blade rubber auger that's capable of clearing an 18-inch-wide path through snow up to ten inches deep. It's also cord and gas free, so you can run it for as long as 40 minutes on a single charge, without ever having to worry about priming, tune-ups, extension cords, or noisy two-stroke motors. So while everyone else is griping about what a pain winter weather is, you'll be out enjoying the simple beauty of a freshly-fallen snow.

  • Brunton Hydrogen Reactor

    If you're serious about backpacking, camping, or disaster preparedness, and you just can't imagine going on without a functional smartphone or tablet, then the Brunton Hydrogen Reactor ($150) is the portable recharging solution for you. This device doesn't rely on energy from an outlet to get its juice. Instead the hydrogen from its removable and rechargeable cores combines with oxygen from the atmosphere to create power on the spot, producing no emissions other than a puff of water vapor. The reactor is just over five inches long, weighs only half a pound, and can charge an iPhone through its built in USB port up to six times without needing a replaced or recharged core.

  • BioLite KettlePot

    Carry everything you need to cook a complete meal in one portable unit with the BioLite KettlePot ($50). Made to work in tandem with the BioLite camping stove, this combination kettle and pot lets you pour hot liquids and cook food. The BioLite stove collapses and fits inside the pot, saving space in your pack. A silicone seal keeps the pouring top on securely, while silicone-insulated folding handles make it safe to carry. It's also made from food-safe stainless steel that's easy to clean and won't contaminate your food.

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