Snow Peak Kubota Sake

When you pack up for a camping trip or outdoor trek, you probably don't think of bringing sake along for the excursion. But this collaboration between outdoor outfitters Snow Peak and sake experts Asahi Shuzo might change your mind. It undergoes an intensive brewing process and is said to have a strong flavor that is ideal to pair with the foods you'd typically have during an outdoor adventure. 48,000 bottles will be released this September.

  • Herb & Lou's Infused Ice Cubes

    Make yourself a drink and chill it at the same time with Herb & Lou's Infused Ice Cubes. These pre-mixed ice cubes contain all the ingredients you need to make a tasty cocktail. Just freeze them, and when it's time for a drink, add one cube for every shot of liquor you're having. Our favorite is the Cooper, a blood orange and ginger old-fashioned meant for use with bourbon. There are also two mixes that go great with vodka or tequila — the Clyde, which blends peach flavors with herbs and bitters, and Cecile, ideal for sunny days with its mix of cucumber, watermelon, clover, honey, and thyme. Available in packs of 12 individually wrapped cubes.

  • Hardy Noces D'or Sublime Cognac

    In addition to distilling premium Cognac since its inception back in 1863, the Maison Hardy name is just as identifiable by its creative and unique bottle designs. The latest in the line is Hardy Noces D'or Sublime, featuring a bottle designed for the Year of the Rooster which is also the Hardy family's coat of arms. The bottle arrives in a plaque designed in the French Art Nouveau style that has been cut, etched, and polished by hand. And the spirit itself is even more impressive, created from forty different 100% Grande Champagne Cognacs that are aged a minimum of 50 years.

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