SOG Snarl Knife

More terrifying than functional — the SOG Snarl Knife combines the grip of a set of brass knuckles with a curving blade forming what could only be the creepiest-looking concealable weapon around. Measuring just over four inches in length, this blade is formed from stainless steel, and honed to a bevel with a razor's edge. Finger holes give you a firm grip and make it quick to pull out from its included hardened-nylon sheath (which you can carry on your belt or suspend from your neck). Regardless of how you carry it, it makes for a great last-ditch line of defense when you find yourself in a really tricky spot.

  • Benchmade Custom Knife Builder

    Your knife should feel like an extension of you — after all, you carry it with you everywhere you can — and it's in that spirit that the guys at Benchmade bring you the Custom Knife Builder. Choose from four folding knife styles to start with, determine what type of steel you want your blade to be made from, then customize the blade type, choosing from various serrated and straight edges. From there, you can add personalized text, add in your own images, and select from a number of printed patterns for the blade. Finally, decide your handle color, component color, and clip style. With so many options, odds are there's never going to be a knife out there quite like yours.

  • Case Hobo Knife

    Never be forced to use crappy plastic silverware again with the Case Hobo Knife. Featuring an amber bone handle and made in the USA from surgical steel, this handy pocketable tool features a sharp blade, a fork, and a spoon, all built into a foldable body that allows the utensils to detach for eating/cleaning. Just don't equate it's humble purpose with cheapness or lack of quality — while it might be designed for a hobo, it's definitely not priced for one.

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