Solo Skiff Fishing Boat

Calling it a "boat" might be selling it short. The Solo Skiff Fishing Boat is billed as a fishing kayak, an SUP, and a power boat all in one. Its hull design lets it float in just inches of water, provides enormous amounts of storage, and makes it easy to move around with a paddle or push pole. When time is of the essence, an outboard or trolling motor let you get to your spot quickly, the flat cockpit area makes it easy to stand and move around, and with a sparse layout, there's plenty of room to attach any accessory you want.

  • Coleman Northern Nova Lantern

    Light your entire campsite with the push of a single button thanks to the Coleman Northern Nova Lantern. It has a ruggedized design that includes guards to protect the glass globe, chunky metal legs that provide secure footing, and a chain handle for hanging. But it's the dual mantles that provide the real strength, casting up to 3,000 lumens of brightness at distances of over 100 feet away. The push-button ignition system and precise brightness control let you set it to the appropriate brightness instantly, and proven airflow technology lets it perform even in extreme conditions.

  • Alpine Ice In-Cooler Speaker System

    Two essential campout and tailgating elements merge into one with the Alpine Ice In-Cooler Speaker System. Enjoy music anywhere using the Aux-in jack or connect wirelessly to the 90W x 2 amplifier, which provides plenty of power to fill your space with music. Just plug it into your vehicle's 12-volt auxiliary power outlet via a 16-foot cable. And it doubles as a 56 quart Grizzly cooler — enough space to store up to 72 12-oz. cans. And when the party dies down, the Alpine components are water-resistant for easy cleanup.

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