Sony X1 4K Media Player

We're still a ways off from 4K being mainstream, so if you're one of the lucky few with a 4K-capable set and a dearth of content to show on it, the Sony X1 4K Media Player ($700) should be able to help. Arriving this summer, the player will come pre-loaded with 10 movies of varying quality, ranging from the Adam Sandler/Andy Samberg horror show That's My Boy to all-time classic Taxi Driver. Perhaps more importantly, that content is only there to tide you over until Sony's distribution service launches later in the year, giving you fee-based access to content from Sony Pictures and the always mysterious "other notable production houses". Still, it beats watching upscaled 1080p content — unless we're talking about Battle: Los Angeles, in which case we'd rather watch 480p reruns of Coach off of Netflix.

  • C Seed Outdoor LED TV

    Whether you're looking for a major upgrade to your business' outdoor seating area or just want to host the best outdoor movie screenings around, the C Seed Outdoor LED TV ($655,000) should fit the bill. Designed by Porsche Design Studio, the C Seed boasts seven LED panels that raise and unfold in 25 seconds to create a seamless, 201-inch 16:9 display with a total of over 725,000 LEDs and a 100,000 Hz refresh rate. The screen is height-adjustable, can rotate up to 135 degrees to the left or right, and is complemented by a robust sound system featuring 6 speakers for the left and right audio channels, as well as three 700W subwoofers. A radio control, digital wireless HD video link, and glass-fiber data lines take care of getting content to the display, and should you worry about the weather, integrated wind, temperature, and laser sensors make sure everything stays safe and sound in bad weather. [Scouted by Ben]

  • Samsung S9 UHD 4K TV

    You might not have any way to get 4K content on it, but if you're preparing for the future of TV and want a huge screen, you might want to check out the Samsung S9 UHD 4K TV ($40,000). Starting at 85 inches and going up to a massive 110, this space-age set boasts 2.2 channels of 120 watt sound, Precision Black Pro technology for outstanding color reproduction and contrast, and an up-scaling engine to make your standard HD content look better. But the real highlight is the unique frame, which suspends the panel inside an oversized, squarish frame that's sure to become the centerpiece of your living room or theater.

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