Soul Pancake

Soul Pancake

Best known as Dwight Schrute of The Office, Rainn Wilson is actually way more concerned with the state of existence than the existence of his beloved character. Soul Pancake ($13) is an extension of Wilson's blog Soul Pancake, where he and a troupe of close friends — some of whom you might know — encourage discussion on spirituality, creativity, philosophy, and other important subjects while maintaining a sense of humor befitting the site's co-founder. Packed with interesting questions, intriguing art, and ingenious activities, it's worth a look for anyone who cares more about mankind than about reading the latest issue of Maxim.

  • Life by Keith Richards

    Who better to discuss the fragile nature of human life than a member of the undead? While he might not be a literal zombie, Life by Keith Richards ($16) only reaffirms the notion that he's done enough drugs over his 60+ years to preserve himself long into the afterlife. Covering ground from his childhood and first musical interests through becoming a Rolling Stone, tax exile, husband, father, and eventually big-screen pirate, Life has more insight to offer than you might think.

  • The First Book of Seconds

    Everyone loves winning, but let's face it: almost everyone has also come up a little short one time or another. The First Book of Seconds ($10) celebrates 220 almost-champions, from the second color TV broadcast signal to the second-longest-running TV show, each honorably named alongside those bastard winners. Also included are cameos by the Honda Civic, remote control pioneer Robert Adler, and Elvis, who came in second a lot more often than you might think.

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