Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper

Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper

Normally when the words "burn" and "liquor" are used together, it isn't a good thing — but Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper ($17) is here to challenge that notion. By mixing the well-known lime partner with Tabasco chilies and other natural pepper flavors, SoCo has created a literally intoxicating mixture of bite and smooth drinkability that's sure to demand a new variant of bloody mary in which to use it. Just consume wisely — SoCo isn't known for its fresh breath powers, and neither is Tobasco, so mixed together they might make for some eyebrow-searing exhalations. [Scouted by Brock]

  • Root Beer Brewing Kit

    Prefer your home brews to be a little less alcoholic and a little more kid-friendly? This Root Beer Brewing Kit ($27) can get you on your way. It includes two packets of flavor crystals, one bottle of root beer mix, a packet of no-rinse cleanser, one packet of yeast, four plastic one-liter bottles, four bottle caps and gaskets, four labels — although we recommend making your own — one funnel, and one instruction guide. Vanilla ice cream for homemade floats is optional.

  • Kalik

    Made by the good folks at Heineken, Kalik ($8-$10/6-pack) is an amazing, award-winning Caribbean beer that's brewed only in Nassau. Up until recently, the only way you could enjoy this perfect-for-the-heat-of-summer brew was by visiting the Bahamas (we first indulged at Atlantis) and packing your suitcase full on your way back. If you can bear to pay the crazy prices and crazier shipping costs, you can now order it online. And if you're lucky, you might be able to talk your local liquor store into special ordering you some.

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