How can you tell a real astronaut apart from a deranged, Sigourney Weaver in Alien-obsessed wannabe? The suit, of course. Spacesuits ($20) is a short but art-worthy look at the history of the spacesuit, featuring interesting history mixed in with professional photos of spacesuits ranging from the earliest manned space flights to the latest and greatest shuttle missions, courtesy of the National Air and Space Museum.

  • Edible Estates

    You can put as many solar panels on your roof or hoist as many windmills as you want, but one of the most affordable, most green changes you can make to your home is utilizing your yard for food production. While it's not exactly a how-to book, Edible Estates ($17) does give you an intimate look at eight prototype gardens installed across the country, as well as insight and personal accounts from folks who have already made the leap themselves. Sure, it might be against your HOA guidelines, but when has that stopped you before?

  • BBQ Makes Everything Better

    Seeking sensei-like advice on how to maximize your grilling season? Who better to ask than the minds behind the awe-inspiring Bacon Explosion? BBQ Makes Everything Better ($20) covers equipment, cooking techniques, and, of course, recipes for foods from the standard ribs and brisket to international barbecue and desserts. Grill, baby, grill.

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