Spitjack Barbecue & Fireplace Gloves

No matter how tough you are, you're still not immune to flames — and a burn on your hand is a sure way to spoil an otherwise fun night of fire-making. So, next time you're building a bonfire, spit roasting a pig, or indulging in a little seasonally-appropriate pyromania, throw on a pair of Spitjack Barbecue & Fireplace Gloves ($26), and leave the singed fingers to the professionals. Full-palm protection, foil lamination, and kevlar stitching means you won't feel the heat when holding a pan, wielding a hot poker, or launching a friendly bottle rocket at your buddy.

  • SolSource Grill

    If you have a hard time reconciling your love for backyard barbecues with your sustainable mindset, then the SolSource Grill ($249) is here to ease your conscience. Not only is it environmentally-friendly, it's also a great grill — it heats up quickly and can cook a large meal in minutes. The average gas grill makes four times the emissions of your home stove, and a charcoal grill more than doubles that. This solar grill makes none, so your next cookout can be entirely guilt-free. Since it doesn't need charcoal or gas to work, you can use it miles away from anything, letting you cook great meals anywhere on the planet.

  • Truma Propane Levelcheck

    Whether you sell propane and propane accessories, or just prefer to taste the meat and not the heat, you'll want to grab a Truma Propane Levelcheck ($90). This handy little device uses ultrasound to check the level of the liquid gas left in your cylinder. The LED turns green if it senses liquid, and red if it senses none, so you can tell at a glance when it's time to refill. That means less time spent knocking on and shaking your propane tank, and more time spent on extracurricular activities, like enjoying a nice cold can of Alamo out back with the guys.

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