SpitJack Magnum Meat Injector Gun

Sometimes simple rubs and marinades just don't deliver the kind of flavor your meat needs — and it's just those cases that call for the SpitJack Magnum Meat Injector Gun ($60). Offering five and a half inches of meat penetration, this injector gun will get your marinade deep inside your meat, so you don't ever have to eat bland, poorly-seasoned food again. It comes with two needles, one with a slanted tip for chunkier marinades, and one with side perforations for liquid marinades. It's made from nickel-plated brass, die-cast zinc, and food-quality rubber, so you know it's safe and long-lasting.

  • KettlePizza

    If you've ever tried to bake a pizza in a charcoal grill, you know what a frustrating challenge it can be — while you may occasionally end up with something smoky and delicious, more often than not your pizza ends up charred and inedible. The KettlePizza ($185) turns any 18.5- or 22.5-inch kettle-shaped grill into a capable pizza oven. The kit helps keep the temperature in your grill constant, while giving you easy access to your pizza. Comes with a stainless steel sleeve, handles, a thermometer, an aluminum pan, a pizza stone, and a wooden pizza peel.

  • Spitjack Barbecue & Fireplace Gloves

    No matter how tough you are, you're still not immune to flames — and a burn on your hand is a sure way to spoil an otherwise fun night of fire-making. So, next time you're building a bonfire, spit roasting a pig, or indulging in a little seasonally-appropriate pyromania, throw on a pair of Spitjack Barbecue & Fireplace Gloves ($26), and leave the singed fingers to the professionals. Full-palm protection, foil lamination, and kevlar stitching means you won't feel the heat when holding a pan, wielding a hot poker, or launching a friendly bottle rocket at your buddy.

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