Sprecher Bourbon Barrel Hard Root Beer

The folks at Sprecher Brewing in Glendale, Wisconsin make a full line of craft beers and gourmet sodas but are probably best known for their root beer. It's so good that for years their customers have asked for a menu mashup, a Hard Root Beer. After plenty of testing, the brewers came up with something to satisfy those customers and that they were proud of — Sprecher Bootlegger's Bourbon Barrel Hard Root Beer ($5/4-pack.) The fermented root beer tastes like a root beer should, but with some oak and bourbon flavors joining the party. It clocks in at 5% ABV, but you'd be surprised at how difficult it is to notice the alcohol. Grab a bottle and satisfy your craving for a good root beer and an alcoholic beverage at the same time.

  • Rogue Beard Beer

    You read that right, it's called Beard Beer ($7). We know a lot of craft brewers sport a shaggy mug, but had no idea that one decided to use a yeast strain from their beard follicles and actually brew, bottle and sell it. Well, Oregon's Rogue Brewing, also known for odd one offs like Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale, have taken the next step in eccentric brewing ideas. Wild yeast strains are a common ingredient for craft brewers, but this is the first one we've heard of that grows from a brewmasters face. Nobody likes finding a hair in their beer, but if you're like us, you might just be curious enough to give this one a try.

  • The Alchemist Heady Topper Beer

    The state of Vermont might be best known for Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream or maple syrup, but what they should be known for is beer, and one beer in particular. The Alchemist is currently focused on brewing one beer perfectly, Heady Topper ($12/4-pack), and seem to be at or near perfection already. The world class IPA is loaded with hops but isn't the most bitter or strongest IPA you've had, just the most balanced. You'll also notice the request on each vessel to "DRINK IT FROM THE CAN" which is quite enjoyable, but we haven't had one yet that wasn't, regardless of your quaffing preference.

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