Spyderco Assist Knife

Regardless of whether or not you rescue people for a living, sometimes you just want to be prepared for whatever disaster life throws your direction. With the Spyderco Assist Knife ($85), you can quickly cut through just about any material — in case you need to help someone escape from a burning car, or get yourself out of a sticky situation. The nearly-four-inch blade is made from VG-10 steel, and features a blunt tip, and has both a toothed and flat edge. It's made to quickly cut through seat belts, ropes, or pretty much anything else that's holding you back.

  • Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack

    Survivalist icons like Bear Grylls make due in the wilderness thanks to their experience, their wits, and plenty of equipment. You might not have what it takes to rough it like Bear, but the Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pack ($950) might make you feel like giving it a shot. The pack comes with every Gerber Bear Gryils product in existence, placed skillfully in his Commando 60 survival pack. So if you've got what it takes to turn off Survival programming and actually take on an adventure of your own, this pack should equip you for just about anything, except maybe drinking your own urine.

  • Joseph Bowen TAD Edition Micro Hatchet

    When you spend most of your time outdoors, there are few things more important than a good blade. The Joseph Bowen TAD Edition Micro Hatchet ($160) combines the small size of a knife with the tactical versatility of a hatchet into one useful cutting tool. In spite of its small size, it doesn't shy away from a serious task, thanks to a chisel-ground CTS-HXP steel blade. It includes a slip sheath designed to wear around your neck, making it as portable as it is stealthy.

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