Stanley Adventure eCycle Flask

There's nothing quite like a nip of the good stuff to keep off the cold during a long Fall hike or run down the bunny hills — and there's no better way to discreetly stow it than the Stanley Adventure eCycle Flask ($20). It's leak proof, so you never have to worry about waste, or spilling on your expensive outdoor gear. A two-stage lid makes cleaning and filling a breeze, while still making it easy to take a quick pull. And with a 12-ounce capacity, you can forget about running out at inopportune times (like getting stuck on a chair lift).

  • Grandpa's FireFork

    We've all been there at least once. You're on a camping trip, or hanging out around a fire in a friend's backyard, and you want to cook something over those hot coals — whether it's a marshmallow, a hotdog, or a squirrel. In order to get it done you have to either already have a skewer on hand, or you need to find the perfect stick and whittle it down to a proper point. But with Grandpa's FireFork ($7), you can leave all that hassle in the past. This single piece of sharpened stainless steel wire securely fastens to nearly any stick, instantly making it the perfect cooking tool. Its convenient carrying case prevents poked fingers, comes in a range of colors, and features a hole at the top that's perfect for attaching a lanyard.

  • Oakley Airwave 1.5 Goggle

    Wearable technology is becoming increasingly common, making our devices easier to use and the information we have access to more useful than ever. The Oakley Airwave 1.5 Goggle ($650) features a unique heads-up display, delivering data unobtrusively to your field of view every time you hit the slopes. With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS integration, you can control your music, analyze your speed and distance, determine the temperature, and even find your next run while you're on the move. You'll perceive the data in your goggles as if you were looking at a 14-inch screen five feet away, so you won't need to refocus your vision as you're moving. It's the perfect way to access all the information you need when you ski or snowboard, without the need to ever touch your smartphone.

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