Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon

Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon

Whether you're a Kubrick nut or just a fan of film in general, you'll likely find Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon ($40) to be a fascinating read. Based on the 2009 limited edition, this exhaustive look at Kubrick's never-made gem clocks in at over 1,100 pages, and includes correspondence related to the film, location scouting photos, research material both in print and online — the result of Kubrick's two years of research — and a complete copy of the final draft. Happy reading.

  • The Man Cave Book

    Need some help getting your testosterone haven off the ground, literally or figuratively? Seek the wisdom you need in The Man Cave Book ($8). Written by two ex-military man-authors, this handy paperback offers up hundreds of photos, tips for both the budget-conscious and the budget-be-damned, warning signs of man cave overload, forbidden activities — even interviews with award-winning man cave owners. You'll be glad for the help when your significant other decides you'll be spending the next week there.

  • Does This Mean You'll See Me Naked?

    Surprisingly enough, funeral directors hear some pretty crazy stuff on the job — as evidenced by Does This Mean You'll See Me Naked? ($10). A collection of stories from a man who's been in the business since the '70s, this 256 page paperback offers humorous, interesting, and entertaining stories of life after death — and we don't mean the afterlife.

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