Status Board

It's a question we've often asked ourselves: "Why not give our iPads something to do while they spend their sad days in docks next to our Macs?" Well, the guys a Panic must have been thinking the same thing, because they've created exactly what we've been looking for. Status Board ($10) gives you an at-a-glance overview of the time, weather, your calendar, email, Twitter timeline, and RSS feeds, plus three Pro options to turn your JSON or CSV data into graphs or tables. You can even design your own panels using HTML. Have a TV hanging on the wall, doing nothing all day? Hook your iPad up via HDMI or via AirPlay to an Apple TV and Status Board will use it to display your info instead — which is way more useful than just watching reruns of SportsCenter all day.

  • Ridiculous Fishing

    Indeed, the premise behind Ridiculous Fishing ($3) is ridiculous — but you'll feel anything but while playing it. The game involves dropping a hook, catching as many fish on said hook as you can, reeling them back up, and then blasting the living hell out of as many as you can using your gun. Also: no greedy calls for you to buy extra stuff after you've already bought it — buy it once, play it forever — and fish that become hats. It's only three bucks, so go download it already. [via]

  • Hater

    Ever wish there was a "Hate" equivalent to the "Like" button on Facebook? Now there is one. Hater (Free) is a new service that lets you share your hate with the world. Features include a built-in Hater camera, rant-writing capabilities, the ability to share Hates anonymously under an Alter Ego, the ability to instantly share your Hates via Facebook and Twitter, and the ability to browse through the most popular hates. Just consider putting a passcode on your phone if you download it — a list of the things you hate *cough* mustard *cough* could be dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands.

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