Steel Mace

Based on the design of an ancient weapon, the Steel Mace is an unconventional and highly effective fitness tool. Thanks to its uneven weight distribution, it activates smaller stabilizing muscles that might not get worked during more traditional training, increasing the strength of both your core and your joints. The mace itself is incredibly durable, made from hand-sculpted cast iron, with a head that's welded onto the knurled steel handle. Available in 15- and 20-pound versions and finished with a black matte powder coat.

  • Motiv Activity Tracking Ring

    Many of us already wear a ring — and when unlike a watch, we leave it on all the time. That's why the Motiv Activity Tracking Ring sits on your finger instead of your wrist. Inside its unassuming waterproof case is a trio of sensors that let it keep tabs on your heart rate, calories burned, active minutes, sleep duration, distance, and steps, all without pinging you every time you get an email. It comes with both keychain and desk chargers, gets up to five days of battery life, and is available in rose gold or slate gray titanium.

  • YO Sperm Tester

    Trips to the fertility doctor are rarely pleasant. The YO Sperm Test lets you see how your swimmers are doing from the comfort of your own home. Using an app and a phone-eating "clip" with a mini-microscope built-in, it's able to analyze your samples in just a few minutes, giving you a view of your actual moving sperm and some funny banter before displaying the results. It was developed by a commercial-grade producer of semen analyzers, has been found to be 97 percent accurate, and since it attaches to the same device you'll likely be using for "viewing material" anyway, it's far and away the most convenient way to check up on your reproductive health.

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