Steve McQueen's 1972 Honda CB450 Motorcycle

Gifted to his production company following his appearance in a Japanese commercial for the 1973 CR250, Steve McQueen's 1972 Honda CB450 Motorcycle is an interesting motoring relic. The bike currently sports a "McQueen" vanity plate and an odometer that reads 19,417 miles. Powered by a double overhead cam engine that was quite advanced for its time, the bike also has a black seat, a green metallic flake tank, and a plate cover from the dealership of legendary stuntman Bud Ekins.

  • Deus Ex Machina South Paw Motorcycle

    Based on a Honda VTR250 and inspired by flat track racers, the Deus Ex Machina South Paw Motorcycle makes the most of its donor bike's limitations. Thanks to the trellis frame and oversized airbox, the modification was more complicated than is typical, with the front end being left mostly intact. The back half of the bike was replaced with a distinctive cantilevered fuel cell, shaped by hand, formed from a mix of carbon fiber, woven glass, and epoxy, and also serving as the seat and subframe. It sits on 17-inch Excel alloy racing rims, with upgraded brakes and a combination LED headlight/number board up front serving notice as to the bike's true intentions.

  • Husqvarna 256 Thage Motorcycle

    Named after the creator's father, who had one when he served in the military in the early 1970s, the Husqvarna 256 Thage Motorcycle is a modern take on a rare service bike. Developed for the Swedish defense force in the 1960s, only 1,000 were ever made. The bike is notable for its pair of skis that stick off the sides when not pushed down, making it necessary to have a hand-lever for shifting. This mod has retained much of the original front end's charm while adding a more compact seat, longer shocks, new handlebars, new exhaust, and a new black paint job to replace the traditional green. The result is a modern tribute that's truly one-of-a-kind.

    Photos: Johannes Helje / 654 Motors

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