Steven Raichlen Beer-Can Chicken Rack

Steven Raichlen Beer-Can Chicken Rack

Sure, you can do it the hard way, but if you want moist, flavorful chicken without looking like a savage, try the Steven Raichlen Beer-Can Chicken Rack ($30). Made from durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel, this rack and matching drip pan can hold a beer can or the included canister filled with wine, fruit juice, flavored broth, or other goodies — ensuring the bird stays juice while imparting flavor — while the metal pan collects juices for making gravy or just to avoid flare-ups. Don't shove a beer can up a chicken's ass without it.

  • Barbecook Banika Grill

    Proper spit roasting doesn't require a complex, do-everything grill. The Barbecook Banika Grill ($900) is a pro-level, cast iron and stainless steel rotisserie-style grill with several unique features to ensure healthy, properly-cooked food. The vertical fire basket sits behind the electric spit, keeping your foodstuffs away from direct contact with the flame, while an easy-clean tray at the bottom collects burnt-off fat and lets it cool off instead of allowing it to flare up in the fire, and an included grilling basket lets you handle burgers or fish as easily as you can cook up larger pieces of meat.

  • SpitJack Beast Whole Hog Rotisserie

    Nevermind the semi-disgusting image — if you're planning to have yourself a hog roast, the SpitJack Beast Whole Hog Rotisserie ($1,175) will quickly become your new best friend. Designed to spit roast a large pig, the rig can handle over 200 lbs of hog, and features a heavy-duty motor, a 76-inch 2-piece stainless steel spit, a patented bearing system for added durability, adjustable stands to raise or lower the entire spit up to seven inches, the ability to run off a household outlet or car battery, and the ability to disassemble for easy portability. Possibly unintended consequence of purchase: acquisition of a new pig-related nickname. [Thanks, Aaron]

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