Storm Kettle

With a unique hollow design that allows it to boil water in just minutes, the Storm Kettle ($100) is a must-bring on your next camping or hiking adventure. Made from double-skinned aluminum, the kettle surrounds your fire, letting it breathe through side and top vents, the latter of which can be used to add more burnable fuel to the flames. It can boil 40 oz. of water in just three minutes, but it can't make that instant coffee taste any better.

  • The North Face Docking Station

    Whether you're high in the mountains or just chillin' by the lake, The North Face Docking Station ($430) makes for a fine base camp. The 97 sq. ft. main component offers room for six, with roll up walls, a perimeter floor and color-coding for easy setup, durable steel stakes, and an included duffel-style storage sack. Should your group grow larger as your stay continues, simply add on an available two- or four-person dock to turn your modest camp into a rockin' retreat.

  • Scotts MLB Authentic Collection Grass Seed

    Love it or hate it, there's one thing about Major League Baseball we can all agree on: their groundskeeping is spectacular. The Scotts MLB Authentic Collection ($22/bag) aims to bring the lush grass of America's favorite ballparks to your own lawn, by providing you with actual grass seed varieties used at venues like Wringley Field, Fenway Park, and Great American Ball Park. For the sake of your neighbors, don't go overboard though — no one wants to see you spitting sunflower seeds out of a front yard dugout/bunker.

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