Straight Down the Middle

Straight Down the Middle

Sometimes taking it easy is the best advice: just ask Josh Karp, the author of
Straight Down the Middle
($17). This half-comedy, half-road trip of a book follows Karp on his personal journey across the U.S. and parts of Europe, as he seeks non-traditional golf instruction to fix his swing. Hogan's Five Lessons it's not, but it is entertaining, somewhat informative, and certainly can't hurt you swing, which is more than we can say for most infomercial golfing gadgets.

  • Other People's Rejection Letters

    Ever been rejected, dumped, or otherwise failed miserably? Plenty of others have too, and Other People's Rejection Letters ($15) is proof. Compiled from letters, emails, texts and other communiqués — even some written to the later-to-become-famous — by Editor-In-Chief Bill Shaprio, this 192-page hardbound tome is sure-fire gold for any coffee table, waiting room, or thoughtful spot book stack.

  • 48 Hour Magazine

    One of the most common complaints you'll hear from the execs of the dying print magazine business is the time it takes to get an issue pulled together. Well, the crazy collaborators behind 48 Hour Magazine ($10) said "to hell with that." Issue Zero of the new magazine was written, photographed, illustrated, designed, edited, and shipped in just two days, with each new issue based around a central theme and produced on the same timeline. Yes, Newsweek, you actually can make money on magazines — you just have to "unlearn what you have learned."

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