Strange Maps

Strange Maps

Smartphones may have replaced the traditional map for most people, but that doesn't mean there isn't an intriguing world of cartography outside the digital realm. Strange Maps ($20) is a collection of some of the most interesting maps produced throughout the centuries, including Thomas Jefferson's proposal for dividing the Northwest Territory, a map of Thomas More's Utopia, and even a "Jesusland" map based on voter profiles. Who knows — maybe the 17th century map showing California as an island will be accurate someday.

  • The Big Books

    It should come as no surprise that we're big fans of the female anatomy, which explains our love for The Big Books ($40/each). Compiled by Taschen editor Dian Hanson, The Big Butt Book and The Big Book of Legs focus on two of our favorite parts, with the former containing over 400 prime examples dating as far back as 1900, the latter pictorially examining the female leg's former taboo status and the social change its slow reveal brought about, each accompanied by interesting trivia and interviews. The ultimate coffee table set for your man room.

  • The 4-Hour Body

    If you can cram an entire workweek into four hours, why not a workout? The 4-Hour Body ($15) is the latest gem of insight from minimalist maximus Timothy Ferris, offering to teach you how to prevent fat gain when bingeing, produce 15-minute female orgasms, increase fat loss 300% using a few bags of ice, reverse "permanent" injuries, and all sorts of other crazy-but-true hacks that will have you rethinking your gym rat routine.

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